What Is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese Herbal Medicine is based upon over three to five thousand years of research and clinical experience and is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The herbs include vegetable, animal and mineral ingredients, but most of them are from vegetable sources such as leaves, flowers, stems, twigs, roots, bark, rhizomes, tubers, and so on.

Because the herbs application is based on the TCM theory, so we call it Chinese Herbal Medicine. It is a comprehensive knowledge focused on the research of the source, manufacture, function and applied method of herbs.   


Totally there are about 200 to 300 common Chinese herbs.

Unlike over-the-counter herbs, the customized Chinese herbal formulas are specifically mixed for each individual patient.

The herbs we use in our clinic include raw Chinese herbs, concentrated powders and tablets extracted from the raw Chinese herbs.

The acupuncture and Chinese herbs work together can accelerate the healing process. The acupuncture improve the organs function by improving the whole body’s Qi and blood circulation. Chinese herbs direct work on different organs to improve the organs function.