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Why Do We Select The Acupuncture Therapy For Your Weight Loss?

So far, there are many, many ways to reduce weight like starveling therapy, exercising therapy, medication therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture therapy. But which one is better for you? Why do we select the acupuncture therapy?

We should think about the obesity problem from two sides. One is input path, the other one is output path. For the obesity, it should be the increasing input and the decreasing output. So our purpose is to decrease the input and increase the output for the treatment of obesity.

The starveling therapy can decrease the input path by controlling food, but it can also decrease the output path by decreasing the metabolism system from controlling food. The exercising therapy is not suitable for some patients who suffer from hypertension, heart disease and so on. The medication therapy always has some side effects that were known to everybody. The massage therapy has almost the same treatment principles as the acupuncture therapy, but it’s weaker than acupuncture, even though sometimes it can take the place of that. Usually it can not, because the acupuncture needles can work very well by inserting through the skin into the deep body tissue and they can keep longer time of stimulating than massage. 

The acupuncture therapy works by stimulating of specific points located on the surface of the skin to adjust the metabolism system. So it can not only decrease the input path, but at the same times it can also increase the output path by adjusting the built-in metabolism system in our body, and there is no pain but just a little bit feeling like a little bit sore, numbness or tingling. It is not easy to be overweight again. That is why the acupuncture therapy is becoming more and more popular for weight reduction right now.

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