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Welcome to
Ji Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Clinic
in Denver, CO

Dr. Ji is retire by May 2024, and no longer take new patient

Ji Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Clinic is located in Greenwood Village, Colorado (just south of Denver). Dr. Yan Ji is a fully licensed and board-certified acupuncturist. Yan Ji, L.Ac., M.S., M.D.(China), Chinese acupuncture specialist and herbalist, is an experienced expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Our Denver clinic provides the highest quality of health care through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Cupping Therapy, Tui Na (Chinese acupoint massage), Gua Sha, and so on.

Treatments take place in a relaxing, nicer, larger, and private environment lasting approximately one hour. The first visit takes about ninety minutes and includes medical history and evaluation prior to treatment. Dr. Ji and his staff offer acupuncture services for Denver, DTC, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Littleton, Cherry Creek, Aurora, Parker, Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch in Colorado and other local service areas.

Dr. Ji has already been practicing acupuncture in Denver area for over a decade. He is now a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in both Colorado and California. He is highly recognized as an expert in the areas of herbal medicine and overall health of patients.


5300 DTC Pkwy Suite 330
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Mon-Thur: 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Friday: 9:00AM - 4:00PM


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Driving Directions

From north of Denver:

Take exit 199 from I-25, make a left turn onto E. Belleview Ave, then turn right onto DTC PKWY (first signal). Destination (Fuller Plaza) will be on the left after driving 0.4 mile. 


From south of Denver:

Take exit 199 from I-25, make a right turn onto E. Belleview Ave, then turn right again onto DTC PKWY (first signal). Destination (Fuller Plaza) will be on the left after driving 0.4 mile.


The building is on DTC Pkwy, and the cross street is E. Prentice Ave. We are on the corner of south of E. Prentice Ave, and east of DTC Pkwy.

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Colorado Acupuncturist You Can Trust

Health, Fertility, Community

Whether you're looking for help with mental anxiety, physical recovery, fertility treatment or Chinese medicine - we are here to help with acupuncture Denver. See how easy and satisfying acupuncture can be with Dr. Yan Ji at Ji Acupuncture of Denver CO. We are one of the top rated Denver acupuncturists for a reason. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about Denver's holistic therapy for both men and women that can lead to improved health. Our appointments link here.

Common Questions About Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

We are often asked many questions about Denver acupuncture and its benefits for your health. Specifically how it can be used in a variety of situations. Here are a few common ones we see from very unique perspectives. Please see our Forums for more information

For Pain Control

According to the recent scientific researches, the scientists find that the acupuncture can stimulate the hypothalamus-pituitary gland of the human body to create some specific chemicals, especially endorphins, the body’s natural pain-killing hormones. It is estimated that endorphins are 200 times more potent than morphines. Endorphins also play an important role in the functioning of the hormonal systems, they regulate serotonin in the brain which plays a role in human disposition. This is why acupuncture works well for pain syndromes and also for P.M.S., infertility, depression and so on.

For Fertility

The acupuncture treatment mostly works on the ovulation disorder. The acupuncture treatment can promote the ovulation to achieve pregnancy. It has been proven to increase success rates of IVF (in vitro fertilization) by nearly twenty percent when administered in a German study in 2002. Of course, Chinese doctors have known of the benefits of TCM in the treatment of infertility long before it was ever studied in the West, with the first known publications on infertility appearing several hundred years ago. Due to recent studies, we now know that acupuncture affects the pituitary gland and acts on the sympathetic nervous system to reduce stress and regulate hormones. In the treatment of infertility, it has also been shown to increase blood flow to the uterus. To find out more about acupuncture and fertility, see here.

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acupuncture for diabetes

For Diabetes

Acupuncture and herbal medicine have been used to treat diabetes for over 2000 years.  A patient with "Xiao Ke" or “wasting and thirsting disease” (the Traditional Chinese medical term for diabetes) is discussed in detail in the Nei Jing, a classic Chinese medical book written about 2,500 years ago.  The patient is described as having symptoms of excessive hunger and thirst, frequent urination and rapid weight loss; all symptoms of diabetes.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), diabetes is caused by an imbalance of the cyclical flow of Qi within the meridians and organ systems. This particular imbalance produces heat that depletes the body’s fluids and Qi causing Qi and Yin deficiency.

For Weight Loss

We should think about the obesity problem from two sides in terms of health in individuals. One is input path, the other one is output path. For the obesity, it should be the increasing input and the decreasing output. So our purpose is to decrease the input and increase the output for the treatment of obesity.

The acupuncture therapy works by stimulating of specific points located on the surface of the skin to adjust the metabolism system. So it can not only decrease the input path, but at the same times it can also increase the output path by adjusting the built-in metabolism system in our body, and there is no pain but just a little bit feeling like a little bit sore, numbness or tingling. It is not easy to be overweight again. That is why the acupuncture therapy is becoming more and more popular for weight reduction right now.

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