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Headaches, High Blood Pressure, and Inflamed Tendon


I have had excellent results with the Acupuncture I received from Dr. Ji. I suffered from continuous headaches related to high blood pressure and severe side effects from blood pressure medication. My family doctor's solution was to add more prescription medications along with more side effects. I met with Dr. Ji and started acupuncture approximately a year ago and no longer have headaches and my blood pressure is control. I have also received treatment for an inflamed tendon. Dr Ji is very educated and explains acupuncture in a way that anyone can relate to. If you are thinking of acupuncture, Dr. Ji is an excellent choice.


-- Kathie N. (2014)

Back Pain


I have been with Dr. Ji for 3 years and have always had total respect for his professionalism and his knowledge of his profession. I ride horses for aliving and still compete at a high level I am 62 years old and have back problems, Dr. Ji helps me to continue to ride and compete drug free.I feel that is the most important aspect of acupunture, anyone can take a pill to feel better!!!!!! All you are doing is disguisig the problem, try to fix the problem.


-- Bruce V. (2011)

Dr Yan Ji took the time to really understand the pain I was going through. Every visit he would gauge the pain level and modify the treatment accordingly. I would walk out of the office with less and less pain every visit.


-- James K. (2018)


Highly recommend Dr. Ji for acupuncture. I went there 3 times and my back pain went away!


-- Patty C. (2019)

Lower Back Pain


We knew Dr.Ji since 2006 I was suffering low back pain for 10+ years, until I meet Ji he helped me back to the life with no more pain pills. he always gentry and answering softly with my questions, He always ask how I feel from the pass treatment, He is the best Acupuncture doctor I ever had, Truely he is a great doctor! And yes! I speak Chinese my English is not that good but truely I am a patient of Dr.Ji for almost 6 years!


-- Nance S. (2012)


Great acupuncturist! Dr. Ji Cured my lower back pain in just 2 sessions! Amazing! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!


-- Ally J. (2013)


I have always had lower back issues. I heard about Yan Ji from a friend. Right now I no longer have to take pain relief pills due to the work that Dr. Yan Ji performed. I would highly recommend anyone to this doctor. I could not have found anyone that cares for their patients more than this man.


-- Martin M. (2015)



I highly recommend Dr. Ji to anyone who is having infertility challenges. Dr. Ji is amazing! Not only is he super knowledgeable in his field, but he is extremely caring. I absolutely believe Dr. Ji is the reason that we are very lucky to finally have our own baby after less than two months acupuncture treatments.

                                                                                                                                                                                   -- Natalie M. (2019)

Case Reports:

1. In 2013, a couple of 44 years old wife and her 50 years old husband visited my clinic. The miscarriage happened 11 years ago is the only pregnancy of the wife. They had already strived to have their own baby naturally for 11 years after her miscarriage but unfortunately they failed. They almost gave up their aspiration to have their own baby until they visited our clinic.

The wife has only one ovary – left side ovary, she has no right side ovary congenitally. The husband suffered from lower amount and activity of sperms.

They are very lucky. The wife got pregnant after only one month of acupuncture treatments for both her and her husband. They finally conceived and successfully give birth to a very healthy girl.


2. In 2011, a 36 years old lady visited my clinic. She and her husband had already strived to have their own baby for 5 years by nature and one IVF alone before they visited my clinic, but finally they failed. After about 6 to 7 months of acupuncture treatments, she did another IVF, and this time she successfully got pregnant. She and her husband finally got their own babies – a very healthy twin of girls.


3. In 2014, a 31 years old lady visited my clinic. She had never got pregnant before she got acupuncture treatments in my clinic. She already saw her OBGY doctor and all of her gynecologic examination showed normal. Finally she got pregnant after only 2 months of acupuncture treatments and she successfully was delivered a very healthy boy.


4. In 2010, a 32 years old lady visited my clinic for infertility. She had never got pregnant before she got acupuncture treatments in my clinic. Her OBGY doctor said her both ovaries functions are very weak. She got pregnant first time in her life after only 2 months of acupuncture treatments and she finally got her first very healthy baby. After her first baby, she wanted to get her second baby. Unfortunately she could not reach her goal after she had strived by nature for 2 years. Then she visited to my clinic again. She got her second pregnancy in her life after only 1 month of acupuncture treatments and she finally got her second very healthy baby.



8 years ago I visit Dr. Ji for treatment for a sciatica condition. My symptoms were gone after a week of treatment. Unfortunately, they just returned so I'm back again. Very capable physician, an attractive office and reasonable prices.

5 stars.


--Attic Fan Specialist (2017)



Dr Yan Ji is excellent. He is very caring and experienced. I was healed from tmj after just a couple of treatment. He and his wife are very professional and understanding. I scheduled my visits based on what i could afford. I so appreciated that they did not pressure me to buy herbs like other acupuncturists so often do. They are very kind and I am so grateful I found them. I highly recommend him!


-- Joelle S. (2019)



I started going here about 6 months ago for pain and fatigue from fibromyalgia. I have had vast improvements in my health, I currently have no pain and the care is very affordable. The rooms are clean, private and comfortable and Dr Yan Ji truly cares. This has become my primary treatment for the issues I have had.


-- Jana P. (2019)

Knee Pain and Swelling


Dr. Ji is a wonderful healer. The clinic is spotless, very professional and yet warm and caring. He has been treating my knee (which had severe swelling and inflammation) with great success. I expect the swelling to be completely gone soon. Prior visits to an orthopedic surgeon, including X-rays and MRI, yielded no explanation or relief. Dr. Ji was very thorough in his explanations and answered all my questions with patience and knowledge. Dr. Ji was recommended to me from a friend and I have already recommended him to several friends. I will continue to do so.


-- Merinda W.


Dr. Ji is a trained orthopedic surgeon from China. I came in with a huge Bakers Cyst on the back of my left knee. Western doctors tried in vain to draw fluid off 2 different times. Dr. Ji treated me and I had immediate relief of pain and increased my range of motion. After 6 treatments it's gone! You are in the care of the best with Dr. Ji


-- Drew P. (2016)

Old Surgery Pain


Dr Ji is a consummate professional. He demonstrates the utmost level of concern when listening to one's ailments, and goes to the greatest lengths in his effort to treat and cure his patients problems. The clinic is kept in immaculate condition, while avoiding the feeling of cold sterility. Each session begins with you being shown the sealed, brand new needles to be used, followed by an antiseptic wipe in the location of each individual placement. The rooms are private and allow for absolute relaxation while being treated.
On a more personal note, I have been going to Dr Ji for over three years. Whenever I have a flare-up from old surgery pain, I know I can be treated and feel 100% better without the need for any narcotics. Dr Ji has been so beneficial to my overall health that my wife goes to him as well. I truly feel that I'm in better hands with him, and seek him out before any "assembly line" westernized Doctor. I know he can help you too.


-- Dusty B. (2014)



Very professional and knowledgeable . I have been treated for tinnitus. American doctors offered no help. Dr Ji has reduced the noise in half. I am thrilled. Dr Ji is very gentle and kind. I highly recommend Dr Ji.


-- Sharon M. (2012)

Autoimmune Symptoms

I have been going to Dr Ji for about 2 years now . He has successfully treated me for many things, ranging from autoimmune symptoms from my Hashimotos to a rash that I have had for over 4 years and he got rid of in 4 sessions. I go to him first before I go to any other doctor and he has always been able to help me. He is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares that his patients are feeling better. He is also very flexible as far as scheduling appointments. He is a very kind, calm and tranquil man. His office is extremely clean and professional. I recommend him to anyone who is having an unresolved health issue of any kind.

-- Kristen B. (2014)

Medical Condition and Ankle Injury


After numerous failed efforts with doctors to resolve my medical condition, I made the decision to try Acupuncture. In 2011, I went to see Dr. Ji with my medical condition. Which at this time, was still not cured or under control. After a very short period of Acupuncture treatments, my medical condition was under control and I was very near to symptom free, I attribute this success to Dr. Ji.
My son who plays football incurred an ankle injury during a game. My son was treated by Dr. Ji on a Friday. Following the treatment his pain level was significantly reduced, and was able to play in his football game the next day Saturday - pain free.
I found Dr. Ji to be an expert in the knowledge and treatment of Acupuncture. He is very kind, professional and exceeded all my expectations for the treatment of my medical condition.Dr. Ji. is extremely time conscious, and highly reliable. I recommend Dr. Ji for Acupuncture treatments to both my family and friends.


-- Kristi S. 

Balance Hormones and Prevent Fibroids


I have been to many different acupuncturists over 2 decades. I have seen Dr Ji for almost 2 years now to balance hormones and prevent fibroids (I just had a very large one removed that was just too large to shrink). He has helped me with many other issues I have had, including a whiplash injury. I would, and have, highly recommended him to others. He is very professional, gentle natured, and extremely knowledgeable in his field. It also helps that he has a medical background and understands anatomy.

-- M Matthew (2012)

Weight Loss


I just started going to this practice, and I am amazed by my results. I am going for weight management and back pain. I can say I have lost 6 pounds in just 3 sessions with the incorporation of Chinese Herbs, and the seeds he puts on my ear every couple of days. Will post a before and after pic after I am at my proper weight again. And my right shoulder and neck has been feeling way better. My neck pain was giving me really migraines and making it hard for me to sleep.Haven't had once since I started and I've been able to sleep way better!

Dr. Yan Ji is great.!Very pleasant and professional! I really appreciate that he goes out his way to explain how things work & gives you knowledge on the techniques he is using. I highly recommend this place!!! Definitely worth it.                                      

                                                                                                                                                                                       -- Kathy S. (2018)

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