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Acupuncturist Castle Rock Colorado

A Quick Guide to Acupuncture


Acupuncture is a unique and traditional Chinese healing method that dates back thousands of years. Using extremely thin needles, specific points of the body are stimulated by placing needles at strategic points on the surface of the skin. These locations follow energy channels called meridians that connect all parts of the human body including the internal organs, limbs, torso, and head.

The energy that flows along the meridians of the body is known as Qi. If the cyclical flow of Qi is blocked or unbalanced in any part of the body, illness occurs. By stimulating these specific points, balance is restored and Qi regains its normal, healthy flow so that bodily systems work together and your body can repair and maintain itself to heal and prevent further illness.

The Process of an Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture uses hair-thin needles gently inserted through your skin. While every practitioner follows a different process and has a unique style. Some practitioners follow a traditional Chinese medicine method while other practitioners adhere to a more Western process. Most practitioners use a combination of techniques.

Treatments will vary depending on your specific condition and pain in your body, and you can expect one or two treatments per week for a single complaint. Your total number of treatments will be determined by the condition being treated, its severity, and the number of complaints being addressed by acupuncture therapy.

What Can Acupuncture Do?

The benefits of acupuncture treatment are far-reaching and include reduced stress, relief of joint, back, and neck pain, relief from headaches and migraines due to eye strain or other causes, relief from digestive conditions, improved immune system functioning, enhanced energy and mental clarity, and even impact blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate in a positive way. Though initially used to treat pain, acupuncture is now used for everything from stress management and overall wellness to medical conditions and injury recovery.

Who To Call For Acupuncture in Castle Rock CO?

This is where Dr. Ji comes to the forefront. As one of the premiere acupuncturists in Colorado, he's often a top choice for residents throughout Denver, Aurora, Parker, and the surrounding areas. People travel for miles (especially in Castle Rock) to come see him because of his quality, care and outstanding results. Get in touch with his office today and schedule a time to meet. 

A Guide to Acupuncture in Castle Rock, Colorado

What Specialties Are Available With Ji Acupuncture?


There are a wide number of options for a client looking for acupuncture in Castle Rock, CO. Here at Ji Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, we help with things like arthritis, back pain, Bursitis, neck pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and more. Our process can be tailored and customized to help with any unique situation or pain you might be experiencing. Let our expert doctor perform an analysis and give you recommendations for the pain.

Maybe you're suffering from infertility - our team might be able to help with that. Or maybe a loved one is experiencing ADD or ADHD in which case you're looking for a unique approach instead of traditional medicinal elements. This might be a time to experience Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture as an alternative. And if you've experienced a stroke, you might be amazed at the positive impacts acupuncture can have post stroke.

What Treatment Techniques Does Your Clinic Use?


Our clinic serves many clients who travel from Castle Rock, Colorado to see us. And they do this because we offer a wide range of treatment techniques to help in many areas of life. We obviously specialize in traditional acupuncture methods and also use elector-acupuncture on specific circumstances.

We also work with clients on Cupping and Qigong techniques if requested or if we feel these methods can provide relief. Every patient is different and every circumstance is unique. We only look to help our clients relieve pain and stress, and we will use whichever method makes sense in that situation. 

Our ancient Chinese medicine herbal practices are also a common practice area in our clinic. We help clients who are looking for alternative medicines for specific problems in their life in Castle Rock



Acupuncture Castle Rock Colorado

Can Ji Acupuncture Help Emotions & Psychology?


Yes we believe it can. Our team here at Ji Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine firmly believe that Chinese medicine and acupuncture can assist in handling anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, panic attacks, PTSD and more. If you're feeling off-balance inside yourself, maybe it's time to look into the idea of balance with Dr. Ji. See how our unique methods can calm the inner mind and body and bring peace to a restless spirit. 

Get in contact with us today to schedule an appointment.

You can book an appointment online here

Testimonials From Clients Around Colorado

​I started going here about 6 months ago for pain and fatigue from fibromyalgia. I have had vast improvements in my health, I currently have no pain and the care is very affordable. The rooms are clean, private and comfortable and Dr Yan Ji truly cares. This has become my primary treatment for the issues I have had.   - Jane P.

Dr Yan Ji is excellent. He is very caring and experienced. I was healed from tmj after just a couple of treatment. He and his wife are very professional and understanding. I scheduled my visits based on what i could afford. I so appreciated that they did not pressure me to buy herbs like other acupuncturists so often do. They are very kind and I am so grateful I found them. I highly recommend him!    - Joelle S.

I have been going to Dr Ji for about 2 years now. He has successfully treated me for many things, ranging from autoimmune symptoms from my Hashimotos to a rash that I have had for over 4 years and he got rid of in 4 sessions. I go to him first before I go to any other doctor and he has always been able to help me. He is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares that his patients are feeling better. He is also very flexible as far as scheduling appointments. He is a very kind, calm and tranquil man. His office is extremely clean and professional. I recommend him to anyone who is having an unresolved health issue of any kind.      - Kristen B.

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