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How To Treat Diabetes With Acupuncture?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Diabetes is a medical condition which leads to the high glucose level in the blood. When the body is unable to provide the cells with adequate glucose, it leads to an increase in the blood glucose level as the cells starve. Diabetes is a common issue found in different age groups. In fact, the numbers are expected to rise in the future. Although modern medicines are helping control diabetes, there is a natural and more effective way to treat diabetes.

The patients are looking for acupuncture near me to start the treatment. It is an ancient treatment method that is effective against different medical conditions. Here’s how acupuncture works.

Acupuncture For Diabetes

Although you might get chills thinking of needles, the ones used in acupuncture are thin and painless. The practitioner has experience in inserting the needles at specific acupuncture points, which helps achieve the desired outcome.

How To Treat Diabetes With Acupuncture?

1. Helps Manage Glucose level

Acupuncture can greatly help in improving insulin sensitivity in the body. This is achieved by stimulating certain acupoints, which help control diabetes in patients. Reports have suggested the patients showed improvement in a short time once they begin their acupuncture treatment. The result can be seen as reduced glucose levels.

2. Insulin Resistance

Research to determine the effectiveness of acupuncture for excellence resistance was conducted. The results specified low-intensity acupuncture can greatly help in reducing insulin. Thus, with the treatment, there is a chance of insulin sensitivity.

Is acupuncture treatment right for diabetes?

There are different forms of acupuncture that might be used for treating diabetes. However, it all depends upon the specific condition of the patient. Different types of acupressure techniques include.

Traditional Acupuncture

In this technique, the specific points of the body are stimulated to achieve the right results. The treatment is defined according to the medical history, age, and severity of the condition.

Electro Acupuncture

It is a highly common acupuncture technique used by practitioners for diabetes. The process is a lot similar to traditional acupuncture. However, the practitioner inserts needles at specific points and connects them to a device that transmits electric surges.

Wrist Ankle Acupuncture

In this method, diabetes is treated by stimulating the wrist and ankle nerves. It is a safe process as the needles aren’t placed near the delicate organs. The process can be used to alleviate pain resulting from diabetic peripheral neuritis.

Herbal acupuncture

It is the most common form of acupuncture wherein the practitioners inject some natural herbs into the acupoints. This means the patients under this method are treated using different herbs according to the symptoms and age.

Contact a good acupuncturist.

Acupuncture is a great way of getting relief from diabetes. However, to get the right help, you need to visit a good specialist. You can rely on Ji Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine to get the right treatment. We are a renowned institution for acupuncture in Denver. Our professionals take care of everything to guarantee the best treatment. With our professional help, you will get relief from your medical condition in a short time. If you feel you need to begin the acupuncture treatment, feel free to contact us.

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